What are real fans called? History of the name and meaning of Madridista

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Many newbies may not know what a real fan is called and how it is formed. Because if you are a fan of any team, you are certainly no stranger to Real Madrid. This is one of the football clubs with the largest fan base in the world. Let’s follow the information that Bwinph brings below to get the answer.

What are real fans called?

When walking around sports forums, especially football forums, many people may have heard of the name Madridista but don’t know what it is or what it means to Real Madrid. Madridista is known as the official name of the Royal Spanish Football Club community of fans.

No matter where you come from or what team you used to love, as long as you love white vultures and support Real, whether you win or lose, you have successfully registered to become a true Madridista. They have the right to be proud of the title and traditions of this club like any other fans.

One thing to be proud of is answering what real fans are called. Madridista and the board of directors do not get angry, boo or blame the players when the team has terrible results. They are only sad when the team fails and burst when the team wins like any other fans.

History of names of Real Madrid fans

If you know what real fans are called, do you know the process of changing their names? Actually, Madridista is not the first name; there were a number of other names before that. So, let’s find out what it is right below.

Merengue – the first known name

What is the first name real fans call? The answer is “Merengue” – the traditional name of the first fans of the team nicknamed the White Vultures. The meaning of the name Merengue is very special, it is associated with the early stages of Real Madrid. Detail:

In Spanish, “merengue” is a cake made from eggs and sugar. It has a very sweet aftertaste.

Name Vikingos – fan’s additional name.

Another correct name when asking real fans what they call it is Vikingos (meaning aboriginal people). The name is taken from the origin and racial background of most of the players on the Real Madrid team, as most of them are Vikings from the north of Northern Europe and Germany.

Madridista – the official name was born

Surely, many people already know what Madridista is. As introduced, this is the official name of Real Madrid fans to this day. Even famous strikers from other clubs are Real Madrid fans, so we can see how strong and influential the Bernabeu stadium owner is.

Madridista is the most widely known name for real fans today. It is also the only fan club name for which this club owns the trademark. So, to become an official Madridista, fans also need to pay a participation fee.

The meaning of calling Madridista

Madridista is a phrase that has extremely important meanings for true fans of Real Club de Futbol Espanyol. Everyone is proud to be a Real Madrid player and also proud to be a fan in that family because they are fans of one of the most successful clubs in the world. Real owns a traditional room with hundreds of large and small trophies and many noble titles.

They are the ones who always cheer for their team, sing victory songs and cry loudly when the club has to admit defeat. Surely, the blood of Real Madrid fans has permeated and made Madridista an extremely sacred and precious name.

They brought the name Real worldwide and symbolized global love for football. Madridista goes through many generations, doing many different jobs, but all have the same passion. Millions of White Vulture fans worldwide are proud to call themselves Madridistas. They sing the song “Hala Madrid” together at every soccer match.

Above are all the answers to the questions about what real fans are called and the team’s ups and downs. This is such a successful club partly due to the support from millions of true Madridistas.

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